Body Connections

Body Connections offers opportunities to advance your abilities as a clinician. We provide continuing education, which teaches you not only how to complete various treatment techniques, but why you want to use them.   We also offer a healthy patient lecture series for the general public, focusing on wellness and navigating through the world of health care.  We look forward to meeting you!

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Body Connections offers continuing education for massage therapists, physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.  We are accredited through the New York State Board of Education for these disciplines.    

Below is an ever-evolving list of class offerings that provide an interesting insight into what we know about the body.  Our manual therapy perspective will provide you with immediate applicable skills.


Upcoming professional classes



The Lumbosacral Series

Study of the Lumbar Spine & Pelvis - 09/28/19

Structural Causes & Treatments of the Low Back Pain - 10/19/19

Functional Causes of Treatments of Low Back Pain - 11/16/19


upcoming healthy patient lectures

Are you suffering from a lack of responsiveness from the health care system?  Is your healthcare team only focused on symptoms and not trying to treat your real problem?  Learn how the body really works so that you can learn how to fix yourself and feel great in the future!