Body Connections

Body Connections offers opportunities to advance your abilities as a clinician. We provide continuing education, which teaches you not only how to complete various treatment techniques, but why you want to use them.   We also offer a healthy patient lecture series for the general public, focusing on wellness and navigating through the world of health care.  We look forward to meeting you!


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John Murphy, PT

I started my career like most therapists do. I worked in a corporate environment where the treatments were dictated by people who did not know me or the patients that trusted me to treat them. The quality of care was effected poorly by their business policies. In 2001, I solved my situation by starting Core Physical Therapy. I continue to strive to make Core Physical Therapy a place that is the perfect place for therapists to be the best and most effective therapists they can be. In 2014, I decided it was time to share the knowledge developed at Core. Body Connections gives body work professionals an opportunity to discover new ideas and skills, which will elevate their practice to heights unseen.

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Eileen Cecilione, PT, DPT

Body Connections offers an amazing way to learn about the interconnectedness of the body and the environment. I wanted to become a part of this experience, because I have a passion for learning and trying to figure out the "whys" of the way things are. I hope to be able to share my understanding and experience with other body work professionals to spark the same curiosity that I have regarding health and wellness.