Body Connections

Body Connections offers opportunities to advance your abilities as a clinician. We provide continuing education, which teaches you not only how to complete various treatment techniques, but why you want to use them.   We also offer a healthy patient lecture series for the general public, focusing on wellness and navigating through the world of health care.  We look forward to meeting you!

Our Story

In 2014, we decided that we wanted to be able to share our clinical experiences and teach other body work professionals a different way of looking at treatment.  The human body is such a brilliantly constructed "machine" and it can not be equated to the workings of any other mechanical device.  There are so many intricately connected parts, all which influence and impact each other.  Additionally,  the effects of stress, the environment, diet and medications also influence the body, which creates a very convoluted picture .  But it is this picture, the entire story of the individual, which helps to make sense of what he or she is experiencing. Body Connections offers a different approach to manual therapy and the treatment of acute and chronic pain. We look forward to working with you.